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vuollerim camping – IN A WOODED AREA NEXT TO A POND

​​​​​​​Vuollerim Camping is a summer campsite that normally opens in early June and is open until September, early October, depending on how long the late summer heat lasts. The campsite has been run since 5 June 2020 under the auspices of VIVA - a nice complement to Hotel Vuollerim and Two Rivers Hotel. Vuollerim provides all types of accommodation: tent sites and places for caravan, motorhome and cottages at Vuollerim Camping. Hotel rooms with private toilet and en-suites at Hotel Vuollerim and the newly renovated Two Rivers Hotel. All bookings and check-ins takes place at Hotel Vuollerim, in the middle of the village on Bodenvägen 7, only a few hundred meters from the campsite.

Vuollerim Camping is a friendly summer campsite in a wooded area that provides a nice shade in the sweltering summer heat. Situated right next to one of the village's bathing lakes Sandtjärn (The Sand Pond), the campsite has cozy cabins and houses, with space for caravans, motorhomes and tents. Booking and check-in takes place at Hotel Vuollerim, a few hundred meters from the campsite, where it is also possible to book breakfast and other meals in restaurant Gästgiveriet. Breakfast is normally served weekdays 6 AM – 8.30 AM, Lunch of the day on weekdays 11 AM – 2 PM, Dinner of the day on weekdays 6 PM – 8 PM. Coffee and tea is served all day long and it is also possibile to order from an à la carte menu. Located in the middle of the village Vuollerim, 45 km southeast of Jokkmokk along road 97 towards Luleå / Boden.
För prices and booking, please contact us:
Phone +46(0)976-106 60


An extensive renovation of the former restaurant building at Vuollerim Camping was started in the summer of 2021 and was finalised in 2023. The building have gotten a real "face-lift" becoming a fully functional service house, with self-catering kitchen for cooking and doing dishes, several bathrooms with shower and a large family room for all camping guests. 
Only a few hundred meters from the campsite is Hotel Vuollerim where check-in takes place and Camping guests can book saunas & showers. Here you’ll also find Restaurant Gästgiveriet with seating both inside the restaurant and out on the verandas, as well as a bar with full rights, recreation room with TV and WiFi Internet. In the reception at Hotel Vuollerim is a mini kiosk, with the opportunity to buy sweets, soft drinks, postcards, stamps, toothbrush & toothpaste, and more :-) There are also tastings from the locally produced, award-winning Fjällko cheeses from Mathantverket Vuollerim.
The restaurant, Gästgiveriet, serves classic home cooking, with influences from both past and present, near and far. À-la-carte menus with local ingredients according to season.

Coop Vuollerim – a well-stocked grocery store - is the nearest neighbor in the center, as is Porsi Bygghandel, which has everything from building materials to furnishings and gifts, local crafts and is a postal agent. D.Corner Sportbar serves pizza, burgers, grilled meats and salads, among other things. The local dairy Mathantverket with "Lilla Matbodan" and Lapland Vuollerim activity center are also among the nearest neighbors. A warm welcome to Vuollerim!


The campsite is located a few hundred meters from Hotel Vuollerim, where check-in takes place, in the center of Vuollerim. Right next to the campsite is a small swimming lake called “Sandtjärn” (The Sand Pond). The walking path to the hotel has a beautiful view of Spegeldammen in Lilla Lule älv. Here you’ll find plenty of picture perfect opportunities to capture the midnight sun or northern lights depending on the season. Enjoy the tranquility and the magnificent view on Hotel Vuollerim's outdoor terrace by the barbecue area, or take a tour of the surroundings. Walking paths and snowmobile trails right at the hotel junction take you to Vuollerim Camping, just a few hundred meters away.​​​​​​​