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In a small village in the inlands of Lapland near the Arctic Circle - in the middle of nowhere – a lot is happening. Inspiring teamwork by and with villagers in 7 unique Bygdebolag (Village-owned-companies) that among many other things manage two hotels, a restaurant, a school, tourist activities and conference facilities.
Vuollerim Gård (Vuollerim Farm) and Mathantverkshuset (Artisan Food House) produce cheese and other dairy products from the milk from the area's unique Fjällkor (Swedish Mountain Cattle). The rural companies are independent and have been formed by different parties based on different needs in the countryside for 20 years. What these rural companies have in common is that they all have written in their respective statutes that there will be no dividend pay-out to shareholders, but instead any surplus shall be reinvested into the company or village for development and growth, with the intention of creating jobs and to contribute to the best for the countryside.
Vuollerim has so much to offer! There is a good infrastructure, school up to ninth grade, fiber for broadband, shops for the purchase of a little of everything possible and the most necessary. Ski slope, sports hall, riding club, motor club, weight training club and much more is available to choose from when it comes to leisure activities.

The tradition of associations is deeply rooted and today there are about 40 non-profit associations to choose from if you feel like getting involved.

Entrepreneurship is plenty and at present there are about 60 companies in the village. Several of these businesses are so-called 'village-owned-companies'. This means that the companies have written in their statutes that any gained profits will be reinvested in the village.


During the winter season, Vuollerims slalom slope is open through non-profit efforts from committed villagers. There are both easier and more demanding pistes to try. A fun place for families with children!

Dalstugan is open when the ski-slope is open and serves beverages and food for all tastes

In summer there are several popular bathing spots in and near the village.