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We continue to stay careful and mind each other’s safety! Lunch of the day is served as a buffet like before, where you as a guest take your own food. Of course, hand sanitizer is available. VIVA continue the offers on takeaway lunch boxes.
Wishing you a Warm Welcome!

Always very welcome to visit, eat, stay and buy takeaway food at affordable prices! For questions, bookings and orders call +46(0)976-10660 or email info@hotellvuollerim.se

BOOK HOTEL ROOMS by email or phone

VIVA is soon launching new possibilities for online booking.
​​​​​​​Until then, please email or give us a call with your hotel booking request!

For CAMPING - book online, call +46(0)976-10660 or email info@hotellvuollerim.se

Looking for something special during your stay? Do not hesitate to contact us directly at the reception. Call +46(0)976-10660 and we will do our best to meet your wishes.

Welcome to VIVA, Visions in Vuollerim AB with almost 200 co-owners who run the facilities Hotel Vuollerim & Gästgiveriet, Two Rivers Hotel and Vuollerim Camping.
Hotel Vuollerim has been personally decorated by committed villagers and each unique room has been named after the various villages in the Vuollerim area. There are both rooms with toilet and rooms with toilet & shower. Restaurant Gästgiveriet serves breakfast, lunch of the day, dinner of the day as well as à-la-carte, barbecue evenings etc.
At the Two Rivers Hotel, which is operated as an "annex" to Hotel Vuollerim, there are newly renovated rooms, all of which have private toilets and showers.
Vuollerim Camping is VIVA's latest addition since June 2020 - here you’ll find a summer site for tents, caravans and mobile homes, 2-bed cabins, 4-bed cabins and detached houses. The service house is renovated in 2021/2022. Feel free to contact us, for more info! +46(0)976-10660

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Hotel Vuollerim Lapland

The hotel is centrally located in Vuollerim overlooking the Little Lule River. A perfect location for midnight sun or northern lights depending on the season. "I feel at home," say many of our guests. Here you'll find 16 uniquely decorated rooms with names from the surrounding villages, tranquility, genuine experiences, Lapland's "everyday luxury". Warm welcome!

TWO RIVERS Hotel Vuollerim Lapland

Beautifully situated by the Lule River, just downstream of where the Big and the Little Lule Rivers meet, with a view of the Porsi power station, is the former Vattenfall compound. Nowadays a hotel with 23 newly renovated rooms, all with private toilet and shower. Shared sauna & relax as well as excellent areas for conferences and events. Feel free to contact us for more info!

RestauranT Gästgiveriet

At Hotel Vuollerim the restaurant Gästgiveriet is open all year round. A cozy dining room with a view of the Little Lule River, home-cooked food is served as well as exclusive dishes - often with a local connection. All food is prepared with care from scratch. There is also a bar with full rights.
Welcome for your Lunch of the Day or to  book dinner, events, catering.


In the village there are many smaller companies and many associations! Several of the companies are limited companies that allow all profits to remain in the company to strengthen the local economy. VIVA Visions in Vuollerim AB, which owns and operates Hotel Vuollerim and Two Rivers Hotel, is one of these so-called Bygdebolag (Village-owned-companies). VIVA currently has almost 200 shareholders.

The village has long been characterized by a spirit of rolling up it’s sleeves and getting things done, you may have already heard of ‘Vuollerimandan’, which translates to ‘A breath of Vuollerim air’! At present, this means that new businesses are under construction and more and more young people are choosing to move to the area. Welcome to Vuollerim!

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